Suzanne Coy (aka ZAN)

Suzanne Coy is a versatile producer, actor, poet and coach. In collaboration with The Honorable Dr. Jean Augustine, she co-authored with Lisa Lallouz the newly released “The Case of the Girl Who Had to be Perfectly Perfect”. ZAN is currently Executive Producer with the “Miss Bonita and Friends” brand. In response to the covid mental health crisis for children around the world, they are completing an online course/guidebook for elementary classrooms using tools, techniques and fun activities to empower kids; as well as gearing up for film, TV and stage productions of Mission Bonita.

Founder of ACT From the HEART Productions, ZAN sees the artist as a community catalyst. “I’m Still Here”, a short about living with Alzheimer’s, touched the hearts of many. 2022/23 sees her bringing a Mission Bonita to the market with her stellar team. Her two shorts on the great African-American community leader, Dr. Omowale Satterwhite from the East Palo Alto ghetto, played locally in California when Suzanne graduated from Dr. Satterwhite’s NCDI’s Professional Development for Community Consultants in 2002.

A graduate of the National Theatre School, Jamaican born Suzanne Coy, is a brilliant actor—master of over 20 dialects, who always brings something interesting to every part. In addition to her stage work, including a couple of comedic one person shows, Suzanne has over 60 TV & Film credits.

From certifying people to “Laugh for no Reason”, to tutoring clients in Energy Medicine or using creativity to teach life skills, Zan is passionate about the inspirational role of the Griot (Divine Storyteller) bringing personal and community transformation. As a producer, she can be counted on to bring strategic partnerships to create win/win deals.

Zan believes it is time to reclaim the role of the artists, from the slavery of psychotic egoism to The New Star System, an acting method she created and teaches to the talent she mentors into the industry, creating opportunities and platforms for visible minorities. She is a sought after acting coach.

ZAN is also a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner.

List of Films

  • Miss Bonita and Friends web series
  • Mission Bonita