Nadia Alam

In 2010, I enrolled into the Creative Arts program at The Remix Project, diving into photography with mentors like Che Kothari and Jamel Shabazz, graphic design with mentor Bryan Brock, and acting with Weyni Mangesha and Charles Officer. For years, I frequented Toronto Streetwriters weekly to keep my pen moving. I’m also currently the principal photographer and Brand Strategist at Momofuku in Toronto. In 2016, I attended Humber College’s Television Writing and Producing Program. My script Bad Daughters won two screenwriting awards. I was a Director’s Assistant to Nick Gomez on Imposters and a Line Reader with the principal cast of Suits. Today, I still have the same passion, drive, and curiosity to entertain that I’ve had since I was a kid. My intent is to make people laugh and help people grow through engaging content.