Now in its 3rd year, CineFAM Short Film Challenge was created to support bold, original film stories by women-of-colour creators. In partnership with Trinity Square Video, Telefilm Canada and Urban Post Production, two teams will be chosen to receive support to complete a 5-minute short film.

The two chosen teams will receive production support and in-kind funding up to $1500 through Trinity Square Video and CaribbeanTales as well as post-production support and mentorship through Urban Post Production.

The completed films will have their world premiere at CaribbeanTales International Film Festival 2018, and receive distribution through CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution.


Dreams Untold

J.L. Whitecrow | 5 mins | Canada | 2018

Upon returning from a long trip, a young woman hopes to recover after leaving an abusive relationship, but as she lays down to rest, her dreams urge her to confront her deepest horror. Mare is a sleep paralysis demon that is as old as sleep, theorized to haunt individuals who’ve experienced traumatic events. As Mare comes to her bedside, she must choose save herself or to be eaten by fear.


Lu Asfasha | 5 mins | Canada | 2018

While reading comic books on the roof of her apartment building, a young woman’s psychosis causes visions of herself as the valiant superhero Paladin, saving citizens from the evil Iblis, who seeks to steal their fate, and ultimately their freedom. At great personal risk, she charges head first into battle, hoping to emerge victorious.



Fiona Clarke, Elizabeth Medunyo | 5 mins | Canada | 2017

Intersecting is a comedy about two social media personalities who are matches on Facegram, an interactive dating app which lets followers vote in real time on the progress and aesthetic of the relationship.

Somebody’s Sun

Toni Francis | 5 mins | Canada | 2017

Two families torn apart in the wake of the violent death of a young teen. One mother, Jennifer, grieves for the son she has lost, and the other, Sandra helps to comfort her while the search for the murderer continues.

The Walk

Flavia Motsisi |  South Africa | 2017

“The Walk” is a short film that follows a woman’s trip to catch a taxi home after work. For most women, the fear of catching a taxi starts even before boarding the vehicle…


Do You Remember Me is based on an original poem written by Aida DeWitt and was created and produced by Yazmin Ali-Tascatan and directed by Bailey Cornealand stars Rebecca Amare and Gabe Grey .

A Burmese 81-year-old retired prima-ballerina shows her Care Worker a new path to joy and passion through dance. Produced by Light The Girl Productions, directed by Sharon Lewis. Starring: Ordena Stephens (Da Kink in My Hair).