CineFAM Film Festival

Directed By: Asis Sethi ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2020 ⎥ 8m

Sehaj, a pro basketball player turned homemaker, secretly tries out for a local basketball league. Japji, her 4 year old daughter, watches on as Sehaj makes the cut, but Sehaj must keep her excitement at bay and Japji must keep basketball a secret.

About the Director:

cinefam limitless programPlayback Magazine’s 10 to Watch, Asis Sethi is a Canadian filmmaker who graduated from Humber College where she currently teaches. Her career in broadcasting spans over 15 years as producer and host on lifestyle shows. Her REMI Award winning short on menstruation, ‘A Bloody Mess’, was screened at 30 film festivals. Her 16-episode documentary series on Sikh shrines in India, ‘Darshan Dekh Jeeva’, was funded by Rogers Documentary Fund. She directed a documentary on post 9/11 effects on turban wearers which premiered on OMNI Television. Her short film on postpartum depression titled ‘Rock the Cradle’ was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and is currently in post production. Asis has been chosen for Caribbean Tales and CineFam’s program Limitless where she will be making the proof of concept for her feature film ‘Slam Dunk, Sehaj!’.

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