Directed By: Ana de Lara ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2022 ⎥ 9min12sec

WWII ended 75 years ago, but not for Nora, a Filipina grandmother who was kidnapped at the age of 13 to serve the Japanese Army as a sex slave. Now in her late 80s, living in Canada for the last two decades, Nora is still haunted by the atrocities she endured. 

When Nora is introduced to her granddaughter’s Japanese fiancé, her PTSD is triggered and she goes into cardiac arrest. In Nora’s mind, she is 13-years-old again and being raped, but this time she is rescued by the fiancé, who outside of her subconscious, performs CPR and saves her life.

About the Director:

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Ana de Lara is a Filipina-Canadian film director, screenwriter and producer who has earned over 30 accolades for her films and screenplays in North America and Europe.  She was the lead producer for the Telefilm Talent to Watch feature ALL-IN MADONNA and the feature mockumentary OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS, which earned her nominations for the 2021 CMPA Emerging Producer Award and 2021 and 2019 BC Leo Award for Best Picture.

Ana has written, directed, and produced a number of eclectic short films, showcasing her skill for telling impactful stories in a variety of genres, most notably, GOOD GIRLS DON’T, NEAR SILENCE, IN CONTROL and FIRST WINTER LAST.

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