Notes on Being Un-Popular
Notes on Being Un-Popular

Directed By: Nauzanin Knight⎥ Canada ⎥ 2022 ⎥ 26min09sec

Drama’s not just for the popular; nerds have drama too, and it’s as interesting (take it from the writer)! Queens of Band-Camp is a proof of concept for “Notes on Being UnPopular” a web series.

CINDY, a biracial musical genius, and saxophonist extraordinaire (bar Kenny G) who is mildly socially awkward, has long-dreamed of performing her high school band’s solo at the “Kings of Band-Camp”, a competition for the finest high school bands, where scouts from top graduate music programs attend to keep tabs on elite music students. But undeserving JESSICA— the most popular girl in the school, albeit with little music talent— gets the solo, because of her “affinity” with the substitute band teacher, MR. MONTCALM. Cindy must get her solo back, PERIOD.

About the Director:

cinefam limitless programNauzanin Knight is a Canadian woman of Caribbean and Middle Eastern descent. Her nuanced stories reflect the uniqueness of her heritage as well as her international life. She strives with every project she undertakes, whether fictional or factual, to draw attention to pressing social issues and influence the current discourses of society.

Nauzanin completed her MSc at University College London, in the UK, and began her career in creative writing, publishing her non-fiction book “State Terrorism in Iran: understanding the case of the Iranian Bahá’í Community”, before directing her attention to film projects.

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