CineFAM 2022

Directed By: Minerva Navasca⎥ Canada ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 6min

CineFAM 2022

With concerned phone calls from friends and family, “Guardians” walks the viewer through the psychological reality of a girl’s nightly trip home. Discussions surrounding seemingly mundane choices are framed with a woman’s hyper-vigilant lens; bringing into question what the true price of safety is.

About the Director:

Cinefam 2022Minerva Navasca is an emerging Filipina director and producer, entering her final year of the BFTV program at Sheridan College. Best known for “Kamayan” (2020), which has been showcased at the 2022 TIFF Next Wave, she aims to explore hyper-personal stories of cultural dysphoria and girlhood with intimate specificity.

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