Directed By: Dahlia Fernandes⎥ Canada ⎥ 2022 ⎥ 9min23sec

Aspiring musician and chef, Nazra leaves New York and follows her artistic soulmate Lenin back to his home in Trinidad but things take a turn once she arrives leaving her torn between love and returning home to pursue her music career.

About the Director:

Meet Dahlia Fernandes, Producer with ‘Something Vintage’ productions. Her work as a film marketer, producer and songwriter has been featured on Netflix, Disney Channel, NBC, Amazon Prime, Cineplex and Showtime. Her work has expanded across the UK, U.S, Caribbean and Canada. She is known for award-winning films such as “Hero” and is currently working on a docuseries, “I’m Not Laughing” and Proof of Concept “Art for Love” as a participant of CaribbeanTales CineFAM Women of Colour Limitless program 2022.

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