WED 13 SEPT, 2017 6PM-11PM

The opening networking reception to CineFAM Women Creators of Colour 1-Day Film Festival will be hosted by CaribbeanTales, in partnership with Durban Film Market, WIFT (Women in Film and Television), Film Fatales, This is Worldtown, and Telefilm.

The theme of the night is Building Bridges: From Canada to South Africa and will be held in two blocks of screenings for the 7 selected films.

Screenings will be held at the Revue Cinema, starting at 6:00PM for the first block of films. The second screening will begin at 9:00PM.

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Mariel Brown | Feature | 95 mins | Trinidad & Tobago | 2018 | English |PG

A filmmaker daughter and her writer father navigate the conflicting issues of their relationship: race and art, adoration and disappointment, success and failure. Until he dies and in her grief, she discovers that his poetry and prose transcend death, allowing her to hear his voice again and find a way back to herself.

The Haircut

Maya Annik Bedvard | short film | 11 mins | Canada | 2017 |  English

Marvin came to Canada from Jamaica in the early 1950s. With no Black barbers in his new neighbourhood, he endured many painful haircuts as a child. At 65, he still hates to get his haircut.

A funny and refreshing take on the classic immigrant story, The Haircut is an exploration of assimilation and resistance through the portrait of one man’s refusal to cut his hair.

Sin Ayo

Elizabeth Francisco | short film | 12 mins | Curaçao | 2018 |  English

We are immediately drawn to the humming of a young girl. We see her uncovering the past through old memorabilia belonging to our protagonist Flor Marie. This work of fiction takes us on a reflective journey around the true events on the morning of November 6th of 1967 in Curacao.


Deep End | Canadian Premiere

Eubulus Timothy | Feature | 90 mins | South Africa | 2018 | PG

Sunitha Patel has lived her ‘daddy’s’ dream all her life and now wants to find her own way in the world, even if it means making waves in her society. Through her desire to become a surfer, she gets into conflict with her father who has different visions for her future. But by finding herself on her surfboard, she finds love and even herself.


Lu Asfasha | Short Film | 5 mins | Canada | 2018


While reading comic books on the roof of her apartment building, a young woman’s psychosis causes visions of herself as the valiant superhero Paladin, saving citizens from the evil Iblis, who seeks to steal their fate, and ultimately their freedom. At great personal risk, she charges headfirst into battle, hoping to emerge victorious.

Dreams Untold

Jamie Whitecrow | Short Film | 5 mins | Canada | 2018


Upon returning from a long trip, a young woman hopes to recover after leaving an abusive relationship, but as she lays down to rest, her dreams urge her to confront her deepest horror. Mare is a sleep paralysis demon that is as old as sleep, theorized to haunt individuals who’ve experienced traumatic events. As Mare comes to her bedside, she must choose save herself or to be eaten by fear.