Sharon Syriac

Sharon Syriac & Oyetayo Raymond Ojade together co-produced & directed, “The Madonna Murti” documentary that utilizes narrative, drama, illustrations and song to tell the tale of a religious statue who offers health, hope, help and happiness to those who come to her most in need of it.   This film features candid interviews with poojaris,…

Elspeth Duncan

Elspeth Duncan is a Trinidadian writer, photographer, filmmaker, musician, and KRI certified Kundalini Yogini instructor. Her writing experience includes poetry, fiction, song lyrics, articles for Caribbean and international publications and scripts for film and theatre. Daisy Chain is her first published work of fiction – WATCH INVISIBLE[ess_grid alias=”march-women”]

Shirley Bruno

Shirley Bruno’s films draw from her Haitian heritage preserving and radicalizing her ancestral traditions and mythology. She creates modern myths that expose the slippery spaces between the physical and metaphysical world, between collective memory and history. In her work, she explores the every day, the Sacred, and the intimate violence in the things left unsaid…

Judy Singh

Judy Singh attended the school of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ca. She has produced & directed many documentary TV series and short film dramas. Her short doc, part music video ‘Blood’ screens with CTWD: WATCH RESILIENCE[ess_grid alias=”march-women”]

Laurence Magloire

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Laurence Magloire lived and worked for many years in Montreal, including 11 years with the CBC. She moved back to her native Haiti where she created the boundary-pushing, award-winning documentary film Of Men and Gods with Anne Lescot, a deep look at the ties between Caribbean queer culture and voodoo. WATCH…

Mariel Brown

Mariel Brown is an award-winning director and founder of the creative and production company Savant. Mariel has written features for various Caribbean magazines. … “The Insatiable Season” went on to be screened at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival and the Harbourfront Festival, both in Toronto, Canada. WATCH SOLITARY ALCHEMIST[ess_grid alias=”march-women”]

Frances-Anne Solomon

Frances-Anne Solomon is a Caribbean British-Canadian filmmaker, writer, producer, distributor and entrepreneur. From BBC producer to award-winning independent filmmaker, Frances-Anne has left an indelible mark on the international film scene with her boundary-pushing films, and is the founder and CEO of CaribbeanTales Worldwide. WATCH A WINTER TALE[ess_grid alias=”march-women”]

Mathurine Emmanuel

Mathurine Emmanuel is from St. Lucia and a teacher by profession. She has completed four feature films and her first film, ‘Ribbons of Blue’ was selected as Best Documentary by the New York Int’l Film & Video Festival in 2005 and Best Picture by the M&C Fine Arts 2006. WATCH RIBBONS OF BLUE[ess_grid alias=”march-women”]

Mandisa Pantin

Mandisa Pantin is a writer, film producer and director, and has been the script supervisor on three award winning films, Jab in Dark, 2013, Pan! Our Musical Odyssey, 2014 and Sally’s Way, Green Days By the River, 2017. She is currently working on a bio-documentary of her father, the late Raoul Pantin. Falling in love…