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As a Black-owned and Black-led global company, CT denounces all forms of racism and discrimination, in particular anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.

We offer our sympathies to the families of #GeorgeFloyd. We grieve with them, haunted by flashbacks of similar killings of Black, indigenous and racialized members of our communities by instruments of racist systems. As we watch the spectacle that has been unfolding across social media and other media platforms, together we rise yet again and stand in solidarity with global calls for an end to systemic racism and assert #BlackLivesMatter.

And, we redouble our efforts to further our mission, to build a comprehensive pipeline for film and television productions that tell our stories – working with black artists to develop and produce new content and exhibit it at our annual film festival. Then finance and distribute it internationally through online platforms. We see hope in the many public and private partnerships we have forged to carry out this mission. We look forward to working together with those partners and others who want to associate with an organization that is doing something practical to help end systemic racism across all sectors of the society.

CineFAM annual mixer and networking event plus mini-film festival!  Every year, women of colour in film gather to share stories, enjoy camaraderie and to support each other’s work.  CineFAM will be bringing you the best from women of colour creators both in Canada and from around the world.